Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP)

This is a six week program for African Americans 60+ years of age. This series is conducted by African American health educators trained and certified through Stanford Patient Education Center to facilitate this evidence-based program.

Each participant uses a workbook called Living Well with Chronic Conditions which addresses how to become an active self-manager and avoid complications arising from unmanaged common chronic conditions.

The program is appropriate for people with conditions such as arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, osteoporosis, hypertension, obesity, pre-diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions. Each group session within the series is conducted for 2.5 hours, and incorporates a specific learning objective.

During each session the workshop leader guides participants in developing a personalized action plan (e.g., related to increasing exercise, or modifying diet, etc.) and participants check in weekly on their progress in achieving their goals. This program is available free of charge.

National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Lifestyle Coaching Series

This is an evidence-based program to reach people at the highest risk of type 2 diabetes.

It is designed to reduce their chances of developing diabetes through modest weight loss and increase of physical activity. The year long program consists of 16 weekly facilitated “core” group sessions followed by eight monthly “post-core” booster sessions.

These sessions are in-person, facilitated by two of AAHC trained Lifestyle Coaches and topics include: the importance of fat and calorie tracking and reduction, healthy eating, being active as a way of life, taking charge, problem solving, combating negative thoughts, managing stress, staying motivated, and preventing relapse and maintenance of a diabetes free lifestyle.

This program will be available free of charge.

Educational Program to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening (EPICS)

This is a program to train group facilitators to deliver an educational intervention to African Americans at risk of colorectal cancer.

Developed by Morehouse School of Medicine and National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer, this educational program is delivered to increase the rates of colorectal cancer screening among African Americans.

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer among African Americans and is preventable in 90% of the cases, if timely screening and proper treatment is rendered. The program covers topics such as symptoms, available screening tests and guidelines, insurance, and nutrition, among others.

Individual counseling appointments are made with a certified AAHC enrollment assister who guides enrollees through the entire insurance enrollment process.

This service is offered free of charge.

AAHC Cover Oregon Assistance

Cover Oregon Insurance Enrollment Assistance

This program is offered to all individuals to learn about their options for health insurance and to enroll in the most suitable health insurance program available to them.

Individual counseling appointments are made with a certified AAHC enrollment assister who guides enrollees through the entire insurance enrollment process.

This service is offered free of charge.

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AAHC Diabetes Self-Management ProgramDiabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP)

This is a six week series for African Americans with a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.

This program is conducted by African American health educators certified through Stanford Patient Education Center to facilitate this evidence-based program. Participants learn how to monitor blood sugar levels, develop diabetes specific healthy eating habits, become more physically active, manage medications, improve communication with physicians, and prevent or delay complications from diabetes.

Each group session lasts 2.5 hours and is structured to incorporate a learning objective, time to work on action plans, and a weekly check in with each member on their progress. Solutions to barriers are generated by skillfully facilitated group interaction. Participants read from their workbook about the specific week’s topic.

This program is offered free of charge.


Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Health

AAHC is working in collaboration with the Multnomah County Health Department to increase the number of tobacco free/smoke free parks and number of retail food environments providing access to healthy foods.

These environmental initiatives are part of an overall effort to support healthy eating and active living for all of Multnomah County residents.

AAHC specifically will conduct community based research to determine African American food and shopping preferences, work with large retailers to implement systems and environmental changes to increase culturally specific fruit and vegetable offerings, develop culturally specific messages, and measure support among African Americans for smoke and tobacco free policies.


Spice it Up Healthy Eating Program

African American chefs demonstrate healthy preparation methods of ethnic foods, and participants learn where to shop for nutritious and affordable food in their neighborhoods, swap healthy recipes and plan menus.

The program focuses on healthy food preparation techniques for recipes that are culturally familiar.

Nutrition education is delivered with an appreciation of the culture of food within African American communities.


AAHC - Wellness Within Reach

Wellness within Reach (WWR)

This program is an ongoing physical activity program to provide African Americans access to the facilities and services of Charles Jordan and Matt Dishman Community Centers, including the pools.

Operated in partnership with Portland Parks and Recreation, WWR offers daily use (morning, afternoons, evenings) for seven days a week of: basketball courts, fitness rooms with their equipment and training, several levels of water aerobics classes and lap swimming, as well as yoga, Tai Chi, fitness boot camp, and zumba classes.

AAHC charges a nominal fee of $25 per quarter to participating clients, who register for the program at the AAHC office.


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