Chronic Disease Self-Management

Are you 60 years or older and would like to learn more about how to manage chronic diseases? If so, please join us as we walk through the steps of Chronic Disease Self-Management. We will discuss topics such as better eating, managing medications and how to communicate with your doctor. This group will start Monday [...]

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TGW Faith Ministries Event “Living in Health”

Are you ready to learn how to live a healthy life? TGW Faith Ministries will be hosting the Black History Month with Wellness this Saturday March 1, 2014 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. There will be several important topics such as body fat, blood pressure, and risk factor screening and education by Legacy Emanuel Cardiac Rehab [...]

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Cover Oregon Fair Event

With deadlines nearing for Oregonians to apply for new tax credits and other subsidies for 2014 health coverage, Cover Oregon is hosting an application fair event on Saturday March 1st 2014 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Irvington Covenant church located in Portland, Oregon. The African American Health Coalition (AAHC) along with other community [...]

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Cover Oregon “Live Your Life”

Cover Oregon is here! More Oregonians can now get health insurance and savings to help pay for it. African American Health Coalition is a certified community partner ready to help you find affordable health insurance (including OHP and Healthy Kids) through Cover Oregon. Call us today at (503) 413-1580 or click this link to schedule an appointment at [...]

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Cover Oregon is here!

Cover Oregon is here! More Oregonians can now get health insurance and savings to help pay for it. African American Health Coalition is a certified community partner ready to help you find affordable health insurance (including OHP and Healthy Kids) through Cover Oregon. Call us today at (503) 413-1580 or click this link to schedule an appointment at [...]

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Please enjoy the 2013 Soul Stroll Video

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Soul Stroll Flyer

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With the arrival of spring right around the corner, the weather is starting to warm, evenings come later and mornings are a little less grey. Our personal fitness and health become less daunting as prospects and more feasible. The duties that come with the change of season give us chances to start to get active again and to get outside with friends and neighbors. Weeding a garden, sewing new seeds or trimming a rose bush are great ways to reintroduce your body to activity and fresh, healthy air after a long winter. There are resources for getting healthy right here in our community that are supported by AAHC as well. The Matt Dishman Community Center is accessible, on NE Knott and within walking distance to four bus lines. The Center hours accommodate busy schedules, open early and late, and offers afternoon and evening classes in fitness and dance. In the lap pool, Dishman invites children and adults of all skill levels to swim during supervised free hours, or to participate in classes held throughout the day. Aqua-fitness is a great low-impact way to develop muscles and bone strength, while staying safe and becoming comfortable in water. There are fun spring and summer camp series available for kids that allow them to explore their creative powers in art, music, cooking and dance with other young people of their age. The Matt Dishman Community Center has very competitive rates, and the best part is, AAHC has a special relationship with the Center and is able to offer very supportive use costs for families that qualify. For access to a facility for 3 months, the cost is only $25 per person. See these links for more information –; […]

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Cancer Prevention/Education Classes

Testing for colorectal cancer can save your life! Colorectal cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in African Americans We are looking for men and women aged 50 and over to join us and learn about: The importance of health screenings Early detection Cancer prevention How to improve the health of our African American Hosted [...]

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

With Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy still deeply on our minds, we at AAHC are particularly reminded of those qualities of Dr. King that made him such a compelling leader of so many. That he was able to so easily empathize with the experience of others; that he remained unflinchingly dedicated to achieving his objectives and to equality and the creation of a true American sisterhood; that he maintained composure and drive despite seemingly insurmountable challenge in the form of government, law, culture and prejudice; these are among the qualities that enabled him to lead as successfully as he did. While we have made tremendous progress as a result of his work, life and legacy, the prejudices that he fought to remove from our laws, our schools and all of our hearts, regrettably, in too many cases, are still quite present and impeding. They take different forms, but we feel them in our lives too often – in the orientation of our public transportation systems; in the accessibility of healthcare and quality education; in housing and employment; in the daily burden of protecting ourselves from anticipated discrimination, while still trying to thrive and achieve communal comforts in an unequal society. We persevere every day in drawing attention to these injustices, and in working cooperatively to address them, as partners in a broad community that is not defined by ethnicity, color or financial resource. We persist and will persist until real equality has become something that may perhaps casually be taken for granted. There are things that we can do in our own lives; in our own families and neighborhoods to make progress on these fronts, and we can look to Dr. King when we approach these challenges and the changes their address demands. Dr. King had an acute awareness of those things that he was capable of – of his strengths and of his weaknesses. He identified his partners in leadership tactfully, taking these into consideration, and his awareness allowed him to be a more successful leader. When we are aware of what we’re able, and of what perhaps we’re not, we can ask for clear support, and excel as individuals and as partners. When we are confident that our positions are right, as Dr. King was, we create for ourselves a guide that keeps us on course to achieve our goals, in spite of roadblocks that exist. When we educate and inform ourselves, we build awareness of options, and we can determine which is ideal in achieving our objectives. These are all skills that enable us to live more complete and healthy lives, and the AAHC can support us in doing so. The AAHC provides tools, resources and programs to supplement the gaps in healthcare that is accessible to many African-Americans in Portland. […]

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