Happy New Year from AAHC!

We’re excited to welcome this new year, and each of us is doing everything we can to ensure that it will bring with it new opportunities, better health and a stronger community. Two weeks ago, many of us set for ourselves “New Year’s Resolutions” through which we resolved to take deliberate and sustained action to change something in our lives. Whether yours was to start to keep a budget, to spend more time with family or to go for walks three times a week, you’ve made a sincere commitment to making your life better this year than perhaps it was last year, in some way. When it comes to taking deliberate and sustained action like this, the deliberate piece is usually the easy part; we very consciously and whole-heartedly intend to do this thing that we’ve planned. It’s the sustaining that can be the challenge, but we’ve put together some tips here that have helped us stick to our goals, and may help you stick to yours. Make Time – Make a Plan! Keep in mind that when making changes in your life, whether sudden or gradual, you may need to rearrange what’s already there. If you want to keep a budget, what are the tools you’ll need to do that and how frequently will you need to use them? What do you need sacrifice or reschedule in order to get to the Matt Dishman Community Center on Tuesday and Thursday evenings? If you want to visit a cousin across town every month, do you need to take into account new bus routes and schedules? […]

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Does your child need health care?


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What is fitness: determing your fitness goals

What does fitness mean and look like to you? Whatever your definition, fitness does not mean we all need to look like Billy Blanks, become a triathlete, or spend the rest our lives in the gym. Generally, fitness means that you are well and healthy. What well and healthy looks like is different for every [...]

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More Fitness Tips!

There are plenty of creative ways to get and stay fit without setting foot into a  gym. Here are some suggestions for fitness and fun without the work out: Take a daily walk. Including a 30 minute walk into your fitness plan is quite easy. You can decide to walk 15 minutes after lunch and [...]

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Congratulations to the AAHC on two great events last week.

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American Diabetes Month-FREE Events!

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Feeling Lucky?

FEELING LUCKY? Many of you are working on “living right” by trying to maintain healthy lifestyles. On October 20th the African American Health Coalition, Inc. is providing THREE opportunities to “look tight” by providing lifestyle makeovers courtesy of our partners at Macy’s. Simply “Like us” on the African American Health Coalition, Inc. Facebook page and three lucky individuals will be selected to receive lifestyle makeovers, including clothes, hair and make-up! […]

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Soul Stroll Wellness Walk Video and Photos

It's that time of year again.  Get ready to have fun at the Soul Stroll.  Register, volunteer, get involved!!!!!   View Event Photos

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Reach AAHC

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