What Is Fitness: Determing Your Fitness Goals

What Is Fitness: Determing Your Fitness Goals

What does fitness mean and look like to you?

Whatever your definition, fitness does not mean we all need to look like Billy Blanks, become a triathlete, or spend the rest our lives in the gym.

Generally, fitness means that you are well and healthy. What well and healthy looks like is different for every body. Fitness also means that your body prepared to take on a particular task. For some of us, that task will be getting back into a size 10, for others of us, that means being healthy enough to enjoy playing with our kids or participating in a 5 K walk.

Rather than allow fitness to be something others define for you, decide what fitness is for yourself. Set a reasonable goal of what fitness looks like for you. Does it look like being able to play basketball without being in pain for the rest of the week? Or maybe it looks like attending water aerobics three times a week for three months.

Take a minute to think of goal and then set it in your mind. See yourself achieving your goal. Feel the joy of achievement in your body. If you want to take it a step further, write your goal out and place it in a place where you can see it every day. You can place it on your bed side table, on your bathroom mirror, or perhaps on your front door.

Ready to put the rubber to the road so you can achieve your fitness goal? Here are a few suggestions to help you along!

1.Get a low cost exercise pass for Matt Dishman.

Getting this pass will help you achieve your fitness goals. On top of only costing $25 per four months you get access to fitness classes, a pool, exercise machines and weights! There is no better deal in Portland, Oregon.

2. Try water aerobics

Water aerobics is a great way to ease into and maintain fitness. You will be able to exercise in a way that’s safe for your joints, but still works your muscles.

3. Take it up a notch with gentle weight training

Now that you’ve been in the water, you are ready to hit the weights. The resistance of the water has prepared you to do some light strength training. Take it easy and be sure not to strength train every day!

Stay Tuned for more fitness tips.

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